Meet Kayt

How It All Began…

From a young age, Kayt Heinemann was an inquisitive girl about the natural world. While always curious from her studies in the traditional classroom with a passion for World History, it was observing simple & complex ecosystems within the human experience & animal kingdom that began her journey into understanding the larger concept of Empathy. 

Wild Strands first began as a blog to harness the experience Kayt had from two great Spiritual Awakenings propelled by Empathy at such deep inner levels. Kayt’s writing drew attention globally from social media followers with similar experiences who were unable to place words or ground their experience the way Kayt had innately trained herself to do.

The blog transformed itself into offering services to others who were in need of releasing from traditional archetypal energy structures, i.e. trauma responses (fear, anger, anxiety, etc.), traditional gender roles, hierarchy systems, and so forth, held within Western and Eastern thought. She also began training Empaths how to adeptly use the under utilized power of Empathy with borders and flow.

And so, Empathology & Connection Therapy was born.

Empathology & Connection Therapy is an expanding science & cutting-edge practice integrating scientific study and expansive spiritual experience. Empathology is therefore the study of archetypal energy movement into and through the human body throughout space, time and the human life cycle while Connection Therapy connects, aligns, & attunes desirable archetypal energy to an individual’s energy pathway & highest perception of Self developing a client’s conscious awareness to their Soul’s purpose. Simply from mapping thoughts, feelings, sensations, & dreams, Empathology & Connection Therapy is a blend of the best knowledge & wisdom stemming out of Depth Psychology, Neuroscience, Somatics, & Spirituality.

Kayt Heinemann is the energetic creator, developer, receiver, & practitioner leading Wild Strands which gives the practice its cutting-edge as an Ascended Psychonaut only from the use of Empathy. She is able to serve as a container to the client’s healing & training experience using her far-reaching extra-sensory perception that allows for a client’s natural growth within a safe environment much like a mother & child experience.

Scholastically, Kayt holds a degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences from James Madison University & a Master’s in Teaching from Christopher Newport University. Professionally, she has worked the essential industries of Education, Healthcare, Environmental Services, Project Management, and the Arts. She has traveled five continents and been a working backpacker through New Zealand & Australia.

Kayt is one of the first people to have unconsciously achieved & mastered energetic Oneness, Christ Consciousness, Kundalini Awakening, Ascension of the mind + more, which gives her a special ability to remain in energetic harmony with the World around her & serve as a continual healer for others balancing their energetic body.

Kayt holds trauma-backed experience for a variety of dynamic elements clients have experienced including, but not limited to, physical, emotional, & spiritual abuse. 

Kayt is a wife & mother to a family of three boys she takes much pride in & is a deeply thriving Empath, passionate about teaching others how to regain their energetic power back.

She has followed her center passion every step of the way which now leads her to a refreshing chapter building community for others who seek to heal from trauma & find purpose in a psychospiritually connected life.

What We Do

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