What can we do together?

Wild Strands plans to serve as a stepping stone in your healing journey & up-leveling experience to create a more dynamically sustainable lifestyle with your Self and the world around you.

Wild Strands will be a guiding hand through what has traditionally been difficult transitions where clients feel “stuck” within a cycle along their healing journey or out of their field of know-how & experiential wisdom.


     For some that may look like:

Connection at every level

Connection at every level within the psycho-spiritual strata with a dedication that is unmatched with what client’s typically find after seeking traditional therapy

Release your mind from archetypal energy

Releasing the Conscious and Subconscious mind from archetypal energy structures that no longer serve you.

Neural Rewiring

Creating safe space & developing a training ground for neural pathways to be rewired

Developing personal philosophies

Developing personal philosophies and a belief system that are aligned and attuned with a dynamically sustainable lifestyle

Harnessing the power of Empathic abilities

Harnessing the power of Empathic abilities that include: intuitive guidance, intuitive insight, remote sensory exchange, + more

Adopting & integrating energetic Oneness

Adopting & integrating energetic Oneness within a Collective who seeks to find balance & harmony between human desire and the natural order of the planet.